Monday, April 9, 2012

Bit by a Dog?

In Monongalia County, call 304-291-7267, Monongalia County Animal Control.
In Southwest PA: Greene, Fayette County, call 412-973-0215, PA State Dog Warden.
Or, call 911.
Get all the information that you can: at least address, dog description, owner name if you can get it and whether dog had rabies shots.
The dog warden will quarantine the dog if it hasn't had its shots and fine the owner for the dog being out of control.
Mon County Animal Control is on duty 24-hours, M-F. On weekend, call 911 but you might have to wait until Monday for action, then. Call 304-598-5100, Monongalia Health Department M-F to be sure you get the right health care.
The PA Dog Warden is on duty 8-4 M-F but will return your message ASAP. Or, call 911.
Rabies and infection are no fun. Don't waste time!
Chased by a dog? Animal Control will stop that, too. It is unlawful for a dog to be loose on the road.
Mon County Animal Control and the Health Department helped Bill Reger-Nash after a dog bit him. Here's his letter edited and published in the Morgantown Dominion Post April 8, 2012 on page 1-D .
Response took a bite out of bad experience
My compliments to the Monongalia County animal control officers. Being attacked by dogs is frightening, but the sting of my unfortunate experience was muted by the prompt and courteous attention I received from one of your staff.
I have the good fortune of being able to commute daily by bicycle from Stewartstown, through Point Marion, along the rail trail, and through Suncrest to my place of work at the WVU Health Sciences Center. This is a glorious ride, especially at this time of year. On each leg of my commute, I probably pass 20 behaved and properly restrained dogs.
However, two weeks ago, I was attacked by two vicious dogs on Camp Run Road in Stewartstown. Only one of the dogs bit me, before being called off by the owners. The owners apologized, and, as blood steamed down my leg from the dog bite, they assured me the dogs are generally harmless. I was misinformed that the dogs had received their rabies shots.
As soon as I arrived home, I called Monongalia County Animal Control and spoke with David Yarborough. He expressed concern and a determination to assist. He immediately drove to the dwelling where the dogs were located. He fined the owners for not having the dogs restrained, discovered that there was no evidence the dogs had been properly immunized and placed the dogs in a 10-day in-home quarantine. He then came to my home to check on me. He made followup calls to provide me with information about the progress of the dogs in quarantine and to check on my condition. I also received similar calls from Chris Nestor, of the Monongalia County Health Department, who checked on my well being.
Most dog owners are responsible, but when something happens, it’s reassuring to know there are professionals available to address our concerns. Permit me to express my appreciation to the Monongalia County Commission for its support of the animal control program and Health Department. These agencies provide essential services to the community. This represents a huge investment by the commission in public health. Thank you.
Bill Reger-Nash Morgantown

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